Heading Soccer Balls: The potential dangers of heading soccer balls have received widespread media attention over recent years, and a number of investigations to establish the potential for injury are currently ongoing. One conclusion established is that soccer ball design and construction can have a significant effect on ball impact characteristics.

ICON Balls are constructed in a state of the art manufacturing facility, where the world’s best thermally-bonding technologies are constructing the world’s most perfect ball. While soccer concussions will never be completely eliminated, with a focus on prevention and playing with ICON soccer balls, they could happen less frequently. Our scientifically developed soccer balls will help reduce the number of potential head injuries significantly. ICON’s construction, manufacturing technologies, high quality materials, which prevents the ball from absorbing water or expanding (which would make it heavier or more rotund), can reduce the impact severity to the head and neck, and these benefits can be extended to players of all ages and skill levels. Only a small percentage of soccer concussions are caused by contact with the ball, but some of these injuries can be avoided or reduced by playing with ICON soccer balls.

ICON teams up with Vision Doctors to provide concussion awareness and educate the community how ICON’s scientifically developed soccer balls help reduce the number of potential head injuries. Northampton, Massachusetts Vision Specialists Doctors work with patients who have suffered sports-related concussions, and offer vision rehabilitation emphasizing maximum recovery and the prevention of future injuries.