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  • Thermally bonded ball
  • Synthetic Korean PU leather cover
  • 3.5 mm high grade EVA
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Find the top corner with the ICON Premier Training Ball. ICON’s game-quality official training ball honors Europe’s Premier Leagues and Teams with a thermally bonded seamless surface for ultimate control, a more predictable trajectory, better touch and lower water uptake when playing on wet surfaces. ICON’s official training ball utilizes a synthetic PU leather cover with 3.5 mm high grade EVA for consistent performance and durability. A synthetic rubber bladder ensures consistent shape and bounce retention.

Controlling the game is everything. From touch, shape, and movement, to flight of the ball, the construction of the soccer ball can impact how well you command the pitch. ICON offers competitive soccer players different types of high quality soccer balls for training, match day or just to kick around. See the options below for choosing the right ICON soccer ball for you. Available ball sizes 1,3,4,5.

  • Thermally Bonded Balls – must be ordered in increments of 24
  • Hand Stitched Balls – must be ordered in increments of 25

Free Shipping Worldwide On All Orders

ICON ships by air worldwide so our turnaround time from finalizing your order to receiving your custom soccer balls is 2-3 weeks depending on the type of ball, quantity, and destination. To receive an estimate please email us at info@icon-usa.com and let us know your projected ball order, when you would like them delivered by, and the shipping zip or postal code.


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