After decades of dominance producing the highest quality soccer balls for the greatest players and most prestigious clubs in the game, ICON is born. ICON’s skilled engineers have been designing and constructing soccer balls for the biggest brands and clubs throughout the world including Manchester United and Rhino Sports, and now we are proud to offer our own line of luxurious, truly beautiful works of art.

ICON’s thermally bonded and hand-stitched soccer balls are manufactured in our state of the art facility in Sialkot, Pakistan, which produces the official match balls for the greatest tournaments and leagues in the world. Our facility provides premium match balls to many of the top clubs around the globe. ICON balls are fully customizable allowing our clients complete creative control over design and color scheme, meeting the demand for individuality and performance. ICON produces custom soccer balls that not only meet, but surpass FIFA and NFHS soccer ball standards, which are used by professional teams and premier leagues, clubs, colleges, high schools, camps and town programs.

The world’s most talented freestyle footballers are quickly discovering why ICON soccer balls provide them ultimate individual control, for the most creative, technical and stylish play; allowing them to highlight extraordinary skills, stunning tricks and impressive originality. ICON balls give players the core ingredients of control; difficulty, uniqueness and quality of execution. ICON will enhance your individual style, energy and rhythm, for effortless and smooth play.

Our clients are the focus of our efforts, and each client’s individual ICON ball, designed according to their specifications or our ideas will be original, beautiful and instantly ICONic. ICON balls incorporate the most innovative and widely praised panel shape, offering premium surface structure, enhanced grip and in-flight visibility. ICON has perfected the century old art of hand-stitching the most perfect soccer balls in the world, and has revolutionized thermally bonded balls by utilizing the industry’s most modern technologies for flawless performance.

ICON launched in 2018 with the focus of creating the ultimate customizable thermally bonded and hand-stitched soccer balls, bringing the transformative power of play to millions around the globe. We have discovered plays critical role in the lives of people all over the world regardless of geography, religion or culture, bringing individuals, groups and communities together today…and seeing where play can take us all tomorrow. ICON is turning the world into a field of play, helping individuals and communities thrive and create a positive future.

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